Ctalk Forums General Discussion UK. Tommy Robinson falsely jailed for reporting on muslim pedafil gangs.

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    Tommy Robinson was accused and charged with breaching the peace.On May 25th, Tommy Robinson was escorted to the back of an England police van and was sentenced and prisoned with only a few hours. Afterword, The courts judge sent out a Denoticed to all media channels and websites blocking them from covering his arrested. On May 26th, a crowd of over nine thousand joined together in front of parlament to protest his arrest and thier freedom of speech. Since there is absolutly zero coverage from the media, the public of England are flooding youtube with the real footage of his rasle arrest. Simply search. Tommy Robinson. Under upload date.

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    I can’t believe they did that. Then to block the press from reporting on it. Thank God for the First and Second Amendment in the United States!

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