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    Pope Francis has triggered anger in Chile after accusing victims of a paedophile priest of slander.
    Francis said there was “no proof” for their claims that abuse by Father Fernando Karadima had been covered up by another man, Bishop Juan Barros.

    “There is not one single piece of proof against him (Bishop Barros). It is all slander. Is that clear?” the Pope said.
    One Karadima victim said the Pope’s earlier plea for forgiveness over clerical sex abuse was “empty”.
    The Pope made his comments on Thursday before celebrating Mass outside the city of Iquique in northern Chile.
    “The day someone brings me proof against Bishop Barros, then I will talk,” the Pope told journalists.

    Source: BBC

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    This guy is insane and demonic!

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      Sadly, it isn’t even ‘just’ perversion these sex crimes are a result of- it is satanic ritual abuse.  Feeding the enemy with energy and leaving people powerless.  We must focus on the Conquerer against such enemies and get rid of the mind glop.  Turn off the TVs and get out the KJs.   Blessings to you both, Nate and Emily.  Be strong, you’ll get through this and come out better

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