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    Pray for New York I heard 6 dead 15 injured in a vehicle ramming. I don’t know if those who died knew Jesus but as  He Paid It All.  Let’s pray for the families. I’m sorry but I need to be honest I wept briefly it’s just heartbreaking.

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    Since 9-11, and more so these last few years (Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Orlando Fl, Las Vegas, and several others), I’ve learned to wait and see if anyone really was injured or died.  Too many hoaxes and false-flags since then and, in most cases, no deaths.  Not to be cold hearted about it, just wanting the real facts and not what the propaganda machine spits out on ALL news networks.  God wants us to pursue truth and that’s all I ask for.

    Not sure if you caught it but funny how “Wendy” Williams, dressed as the statue of liberty, “fainted” on national tv a few hours before this happened.  Was that a warning for that event or something bigger to come?  The fall of liberty as we know it or the fall of New York City which some say is Babylon?  Didn’t Obama mentioned a nuke in Manhattan? Where’s the blood on the vehicle?  Why always a white truck in these similar attacks?  Why have they changed the story of what happened in Las Vegas multiple times and why are witnesses and survivors mysteriously dying? Why the confiscation of cell phones from that night in Vegas? Why the lack of reporting the other shootings in other hotels and restaurants during the same time?  One man could not be in ALL those places at the same time.  Why did the brother of the “shooter” all of a sudden get arrested for child porn?  What did he know that they wanted to shut him up?  Too many unanswered questions.

    It’s all a distraction.  God’s children are suppose to be set apart from the world and that means not believing every thing you see or hear on gov’t sponsored news.  There are several youtubers that are discussing these very topics and are worth checking out.  Listen, pray and see what God is showing you, not the tv.  Respectfully questioning…

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