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    I’ve been a Patriotic Scot and American all my life. I proudly wave the Saltaire and the Stars and Stripes. I lean Conservative, Christian grounded in values, tradition, Clan and family.

    I think it’s important to be politically active, especially if my values and faith are threatened.

    To a point.

    On one hand, I care what is happening in the world, this global agenda, the persecution and murder of Christians, this divisiveness that spurs on anti-Christian sentiment, et al. I believe it is important to protect your values, your faith, your country.

    On the other hand, I really need not be concerned with politics to the point of being obsessed with it, as I see over and over on social media. If I believe God is sovereign and reigns supreme, then I need not do as others do and fight online for my countries, my values, and my faith. Truth never needs defending. Christianity certainly needs no help defending.

    God has a plan – for me, you, the world. It’s all laid out in the Bible, so I have no worries: be it attacks, govt collapse, destruction of nations, terror plots, etc.

    I work hard, I play hard. My life is short so I have not worried about anything.  My needs are provided, I have blessings left and right and I’m truly thankful.

    We live on this incredible, amazing planet -gorgeous sunrises, beautiful sunsets, love of family and friends, but face it, this planet is controlled by Satan. But Christ will return to reclaim it.

    My point being is if we serve an omnipotent Creator who has everything in order according to His plan and His glory, why be so obsessed or worried with the things of the world, especially things you have no possible way of controlling any of them?

    God bless!


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