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Kelly Sorensen
Kelly Sorensen
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I believe the most difficult thing with being single is the anticipation, anon. The thought of being tapped down compressed on all sides, even through and through is very difficult.  The serenity and the strength of capablility and competence is very essential:. The more valuable things that the generations sowed-before with ease, yet difficult for this generation is mainly because of the pursuit of happiness.  Which should be explained as Proverbs 21:21 the healthy state of ones own being.  Ten Commandments and the New Commandment.  The great demand to not covet.  Yet pursing things of the hearts accord that God and God Alone has for each love story!

Of course the forgiveness and let’s get this correct next time, is essential, speaking of course the quagmire porn that hurts the true love story!

Sowing value is important yet along with the blessing of nevertheless is also valuable to the hearts accord. Yet the mis-use of imagination should be rebuked in distribution!

My literal constructive criticism to God is basically particle transportation: (Bore & Einstein theory) One man and woman to their love story and everyone to their love story. Along with El Roi lifted high God Emmanuel.  The bowels that we were created to have to contend against the universe is the same obstruction of death till do us part along with the filter that separates the Hu Element Equation from God. Because let the dead bury the dead.  Leading numbers that are in and of Pi become missing, to the difficult situation of replacing.  Genesis 22:17.

The Exactness: Pi divided by Nature =2.14. Male and female having a baby ascending the day.  Pi in ancient times referred to as God. I’m not sure why not now a days.

So as everyone is trying to be the lily of the catharsis, our grace is dwindling because of the control rift effects colliding to the matters rift effect.  As God provided a blessing to the impossible generation.  Which is don’t call the universe the sky for an atmosphere of Grace serves the Pi. Which is our Grace Current.  All in the filter of church gov system to the Elite Society of God of pure and perfect energy. (Luke 17:24) The essential demand will be truth in the future along with things of exact.  Such as I am a man she is a woman and being of woman’s womb is that recognizing the Author of the Book of Life is God and God Alone.